Cockpit CASE + APP

With CASE and APP, your smartphone becomes a cockpit.

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What makes our CASE so special?


Telephoning WITHOUT headphones

Thanks to the intelligent shape of the cockpit case, you can make noise-free calls while driving. The voice microphone is shielded from wind noise. So you don't risk a fine with our bicycle hands-free kit.

Sound amplifier

Understand GPS, music and radio clearly

Thanks to the sound-optimized material and shape, our mobile phone holder amplifies the sound of your smartphone threefold. Thanks to the loudspeaker function, you can clearly understand announcements from the navigation system without headphones.


Adapts to your smartphone

Our innovative bicycle smartphone holder is compatible with all common smartphone models. All
Smartphone models with a display size of 3 inches to 7 inches including protective cover fit into the case.

Du cruist mit den Besten

Are you ready for your new driving experience?

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Cockpit App

Connects what is important to you.

The intelligent bike cockpit app combines your favorite apps like bike sat nav, speedometer, tour tracking and much more in one view and you no longer have to switch from app to app.

Easy handling

voice control

CruiseUp is "alexa" for your bike.
All the functions you need for your ride can be controlled by voice!

Activate the voice control and say e.g.:
"Navigate me to..."
"Play music" or
"Start a new tour!"

Save tours

record tours. Easy!

Every journey can become an experience. Save them in your cockpit and share them with others if you wish.

Activate voice control and say:
"Start a new tour!"

All features at a glance

Is suitable for every smartphone

The world's first bicycle hands-free system

Including cockpit app

Headphones are superfluous

Analog speaker

No fine
to StVO conform

The hard case protects
your smartphone

For every two-wheeler


Yes, all smartphone models with a display size of 3 inches to 7 inches fit.
In other words, all smartphones with a maximum height of 19 cm,
max. width of 8.6 cm and max. thickness of 1.7 cm.

The cockpit case can be attached to almost any two-wheeler.
City bike, urban bike, gravel bike, trekking bike, e-bike and also e-scooter, MTB, e-MTB and CROSS bike.

the Phonefix The adapter is already included as standard with a cockpit case, so you don't have to order it separately.

There are three different bracket adapters for the cockpit case.

1. Phonefix - City Rad - Urban - Trekking - Scooter
2. Spacerfix - E-MTB - MTB - Cross Bike
3. Frontfix - E-Bike - Road Bike - Gravel - Trekking - E-Scooter

With the RAINcover you can protect your smartphone from water, dust and dirt. In case water gets into the CASE we have built in a drain hole where the water can drain out.

The Cockpit App is included for 12 months when purchasing a Cockpit Case. After the 12 months you can choose between a monthly or yearly license.
1,99 € for the monthly license
11,99 € for the annual license
(License will not auto-renew).

The Cockpit app combines bike navigation, speedometer, tour tracking and much more in one view and you can control it by voice.



We rely exclusively on regional production. This is how we support the economy here on site and avoid 1000de KM delivery routes.


We love our planet, that's why the products we make are made from 100% recyclable materials and we don't use plastic in our packaging.


We stand for quality! Which is why you have a full 2-year guarantee on our products. If you still have a problem, we are there for you.


We invest in the protection of our products, which are future-oriented and thus maintain our innovative edge.