SMINNO starts marketing cooperation with Kalkhoff,

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April 08, 2019, Kassel/Cloppenburg
SMINNO starts marketing cooperation with Kalkhoff, one of the leading e-bike brands in Europe. Experience biking on Urban bikes

Imagination creates reality. Urban e-bike meets AI cockpit. In line with the start of the bicycle season, Kalkhoff, e-bike market leader from Cloppenburg, and SMINNO, manufacturer of smart and innovative products for mobility, from Kassel, are cooperating and giving new impetus to urban e-bikers.
The image of a handlebar with AI cockpit integration is finally a reality! To test this, Kalkhoff provided SMINNO with a Berleen e-bike, the steering wheel of which can be directly integrated with the AI cockpit system CESAcruise S. The aim of the cooperation is to offer a smart complete solution for modern everyday life with bikes and smartphones. In the future, urban bikers will be on the road with an AI cockpit that displays navigation, speedometer and entertainment directly in front of them on a screen and is guided by voice control.

The Kalkhoff Berleen together with the cockpit system combine style, dynamics and easy handling. With its simple and clean design, the CESAcruise S fits so unobtrusively on the handlebar that it is noticeable.
Universal, sound-enhancing, smart and simple - the holistic solution of hardware and software allows safe use of the smartphone via voice control with an intelligent assistance system. Every journey becomes an experience.

“We are very pleased that we have found a cooperation partner in Kalkhoff who places just as much value on quality, innovation and design as SMINNO. With a joint cooperation, we are testing the possibility of integrating the smartphone on the handlebars and thus opening up a new form of cycling," says Khesrau Noorzaie, CEO of SMINNO.

About Kalkhoff
From a rural postman’s small business to an international bicycle brand – Kalkhoff was founded in 1919 by 16-year-old Heinrich Kalkhoff in Cloppenburg and expanded into a global bicycle brand. Since Derby Cycle took over Kalkhoff in 1988, the brand with its bicycles and especially e-bikes has become the clear market leader. The secret of success: innovative products that impress with their functionality and design. Or simply pure freedom!

SMINNO stands for Smart Innovation and speaks for the goal of meeting today's requirements for stylish, modern and at the same time innovative, sustainable products. In 2016, the Kassel-based company was awarded the Hessen Champion title in the innovation category. The CESAcruise is considered a pioneer on the world market because it is the first hands-free device for a bicycle. With its products, SMINNO offers a solution that combines the advantages and functions of several devices and bundles them in a single product.

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