Grand Prix of the middle class 2021

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The motto of the year is more important than ever: "Now more than ever!"
SMINNO was nominated for the "Grand Prix for medium-sized companies" 2021. Only every thousandth company in Germany makes the nomination list. SMINNO is one of them.

The Kassel-based company is a pioneer when it comes to voice-controlled assistance systems for two-wheelers and offers innovative and sustainable solutions for current and future mobility. With their first innovation, the hands-free system for bicycles, they have already been voted Hessen Champion. With its ecosystem of hardware, software and platform, SMINNO sets new standards in networked mobility and is revolutionizing the two-wheeler industry with the help of digitization.
The nomination for this competition, for which you cannot apply yourself, counts as a ticket to the "network of the best". As the only business prize in Germany, the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" does not only look at figures, innovations or jobs, but also at the company as a whole and in its complex role in society.

The founder and director of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, Dr. Helfried Schmidt sees it this way: "The small and medium-sized entrepreneurs represent the dynamic, productive and indispensable core of the German economy, especially in the time of the Corona crisis under difficult conditions. They represent the best of what constitutes a social market economy. They are role models every day, often hidden champions, always - even if many of them don't like to hear it - heroes. They live self-responsibility and freedom every day. These terms are on everyone’s lips, but only in a few hearts.”

"The 'Großer Preis des Mittelstandes' is a flagship for the respected 'Made in Germany' brand," said Albrecht Gerber as Economics and Energy Minister of Brandenburg. Barbara Stamm, former President of the Bavarian State Parliament, praised: "Those who have been nominated here are alone already an award for this selection
1. Experience goodness.”

"The nomination means great praise for our team and motivates us to achieve even more beyond expectations and to develop the best mobility solutions so that we are all safe, smart and sustainable on the road, connected to everything that is important to us", so the two founding brothers of SMINNO, Khesrau and Sohrab Noorzaie."

Prime Ministers and Economics Ministers of the federal states have been patrons of the competition for their region for many years. A top-class jury made up of respected business representatives will determine the winners based on various criteria. The award ceremonies take place in September, followed by the national gala in October.


SMINNO stands for Smart Innovation and speaks for the goal of meeting today's requirements for stylish, modern and at the same time innovative, sustainable hardware and software products. In 2016, the Kassel-based company was awarded the Hessen Champion title in the innovation category. SMINNO is a pioneer when it comes to voice-controlled assistance systems in the two-wheeler sector and offers a solution with its products that combines the advantages and functions of several devices and bundles them in a single product. Different devices and different apps for different applications are a thing of the past. SMINNO focuses on longevity, multifunctionality and sustainability. With exclusive production in Germany, they also want to strengthen the region and ensure quality.

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