The new world of cyclists and their bikes.

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May 25, 2020, Kassel | Calden
The new world of cyclists and their bikes. Personalization, Smart Cockpit and Services.

We are rethinking the world of two-wheelers with connected mobility solutions.
The networking of customers, bikes and retailers with smartphones enables the customer to experience a completely new user experience. Body scanning and SMINNO revolutionize the customer experience, expand the customer journey and offer a completely new form of interaction through the digitization of two-wheelers and the bicycle industry. Networking enables the comprehensive use of services, information and services with the clear goal of always focusing on the customer and his needs.

What we traditionally know as the customer journey in the bicycle sector is: you need a bike, go to a bike shop and, if you are interested, buy the preferred bike. Personalization includes adjusting the seat and if you are lucky, you will be offered accessories . But contemporary works differently. The aim of the cooperation is a new ecosystem that focuses on the customer and the world of digital services around it.

How does this work?
The customer can have selected partners put together and adjust the perfect bike for him using a 360-degree 3D body analysis.

He can see his body scanning profile right away in his new smart Cockpit APP and the new bike is also saved directly.

With the associated hardware, he has an innovative smartphone holder that supports him in using his smartphone for navigation, telephony and tours in a traffic-safe and traffic-compliant manner.


The smart cockpit is also linked to his bike shop and reminds him when his next inspection is due, whether updates are available for his bike or offers him the opportunity to book a service appointment directly.

Dealers can use this to inform their customers about new products. Furthermore, services that suit the customer can also be personalized in the Cockpit app.

In this way, SMINNO and Body Scanning are creating a new connected ecosystem that does justice to the customer, his vehicle, his wishes and needs.

“The bicycle is one of the most important means of transportation in the field of inner-city mobility. For many, the wheel is now taking on the emotional significance that was once only associated with cars. For this reason, we need an ecosystem that is contemporary, in which not only the products but the customers play a central role. By linking these two intelligent solutions, we want to create a networked world around the bicycle user," says Sohrab Noorzaie COO SMINNO.

"Three years ago, when I heard the futurologists talk about the future of retail, they spoke about the relational proximity of bicycle dealers to their customers, about information centers, customer orientation, customer enthusiasm and customer added value (customer experience and value). She said relationship management will be critical to earnings and sales. Today I am proud to have taken a big step towards the future in the cooperation between SMINNO and Body Scanning", says Dipl. Ing. Andreas Schuwirth. He is the mastermind, lateral thinker and implementer of Body Scanning at Lions Spirit GmbH.

Body-Scanning CRM
Imbalances in the cyclist's body are analyzed. The evaluation obtained is the basis for the further steps for the perfect adjustment of the bicycle including the contact points saddle and grips. The usage requirements of the cyclist must also be taken into account. With body scanning you can quickly find the perfect bike. The system was created through collaboration between orthopaedists, physiotherapists, cyclists and engineers.

SMINNO stands for Smart Innovation and speaks for the goal of meeting today's requirements for stylish, modern and at the same time innovative, sustainable products. In 2016, the Kassel-based company was awarded the Hessen Champion title in the innovation category. The CESAcruise is considered a pioneer on the world market because it is the first hands-free device for a bicycle. With its products, SMINNO offers a solution that combines the advantages and functions of several devices and bundles them in a single product

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