Expansion of SMINNO's Cruise Operating Platform to include value guarantee services

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With a strong partnership between SMINNO and the special insurer Wertgarantie as well as the expansion of the service portfolio of the CruiseUp App through third-party services, SMINNO points the way to the future of smart and networked two-wheeler mobility.

The cockpit system from SMINNO is a holistic, patented system for two-wheelers that includes both hardware and software. The innovative Cockpit App and the Cockpit Case make the bike even more attractive. In addition, the system offers the customer and the service provider a dashboard that enables comprehensive use of services, information and services.

SMINNO takes another step towards safety and comfort. The connection to the services of the special insurer Wertgarantie offers the customer comprehensive protection as an additional bookable service. As a cyclist, you are emotionally tied to your two-wheeler and a high-quality bicycle or e-bike is not exactly cheap either. In the future, the users of the Cockpit System will not have to worry about anything in the event of a repair, their specialist bicycle dealer will take care of the work and the processing. Value guarantee bears the costs. It doesn't matter whether it's an e-bike, pedelec, S-pedelec or bicycle, whether it's a means of everyday transport, a load carrier or fitness equipment: If damage has occurred - or the bike was even stolen - there is a guarantee of value with its complete protection as a reliable partner for you.

(from left) Khesrau Noorzaie (founder of SMINNO), Kadir Cepni (Key Account Manager WERTGARANTIE), Sohrab Noorzaie (founder of SMINNO), Patrick Döring (CEO of WERTGARANTIE)

“The future of digital two-wheeler mobility has already begun with the cooperation and the expansion of services tailored to the customer. The common goal is to make life a little more comfortable for the customer every day and to offer them services with which they can pedal without worries," says Sohrab Noorzaie, CMO of SMINNO GmbH.




By integrating the value guarantee services into the cruise operating platform, SMINNO will make the value guarantee complete protection directly and conveniently accessible to its customers via the cockpit. The complete protection not only includes theft insurance and the assumption of costs in the event of fall and accident damage, but also a pick-up service: If it is not possible to continue your journey, e.g. due to a breakdown on a tour, the driver and e-bike/pedelec will be picked up and taken to the Starting point or brought to the next workshop.

"As a specialist insurer with over 55 years of experience, Wertgarantie brings exactly the right expertise and is the right partner for SMINNO to offer customers the highest level of security and the most convenient support in the event of breakdowns and theft," says Kadir Cepni, Key Account Manager at Value Guarantee.



Wertgarantie is the specialist trade partner No.1 in the area of guarantee services and insurance for household and consumer electronics, bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters as well as smart home systems, hearing aids and house wiring. Since 1963, the company, which is part of the Wertgarantie Group, has been offering guarantee solutions that go beyond the statutory warranty. Customers will find value-guaranteed products primarily in medium-sized specialist shops. Other partners of the special insurer are associations, manufacturers, factory customer services and service companies. Around 850 employees work in the Wertgarantie Group, and the group currently has over 6.75 million customers.
In 2020, Deutschland Test awarded Wertgarantie in the “Germany’s Most Valuable Companies” study in the insurance category. The quality assessment was "ecologically, economically and socially valuable". For the third time in a row, Wertgarantie 2020 received the “Best Electronics Insurance” and “Best Smartphone Insurance” awards from the German Financial Service Institute (DFSI).

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SMINNO stands for Smart Innovation and speaks for the goal of meeting today's requirements for stylish, modern and at the same time innovative, sustainable hardware and software products. In 2016, the Kassel-based company was awarded the Hessen Champion title in the innovation category. SMINNO is a pioneer when it comes to voice-controlled assistance systems in the two-wheeler sector and offers a solution with its products that combines the advantages and functions of several devices and bundles them in a single product.

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